Who are we & what we are offering you

Kampala, Kalangala and Entebbe are all nestled along the coastline of Lake Victoria, the biggest lake in Africa. Yet the common way of travel is solely by the roads connecting the three cities. Uganda, also widely known as the Pearl of Africa, is not going unnoticed by worldwide travelers.  However, the amount of cars and road travelers are increasing and the highways are getting more and more crowded and dangerous.

We are Nyanza Evergreen Waterways and we are pioneers in developing a way of transport that has been overlooked up until this moment: traveling by water. Instead of taking 3 to 4 hours to complete 90 to 110 kilometers, you can now get to your destination by boat in only 1 hour. Our transport services provide you with comfort, safety and stunning views of Lake Victoria and the Ugandan coastline, all while avoiding the traffic jams and craziness of the roads.

Our Boats
Nyanza Waterways

How it all started

The event that inspired us is probably a recognizable situation for those regularly traveling on Ugandan roads. In 2017 we set off from Kampala for a trip to Kalangala. This is when we realized that the available options were time consuming and inconvenient. This gave us the idea of creating Nyanza Evergreen Waterways which is not only faster but also more comfortable, safer and more luxurious.

Lake Victoria is the biggest lake of Africa yet, in Uganda, it is barely used for the transportation of passengers or cargo. This was the moment when the idea and purpose of Nyanza Evergreen Waterways was born.

Our fleet

Our boats, MV Vanessa and MV Nathalie, are in full compliance with all international safety standards. The vessels can accommodate up to 54 passengers on comfortable seats, with the option of catching some sun on the spacious outside deck. For passengers comfort, air conditioners, charging plugs, TV, fridges and storage space are offered on board.

Feel the wind play with your hair and deeply breathe in the fresh and clean air of Lake Victoria, while birds fly freely above your head. Finally something different from the pollution of the mainland roads!

Nyanza Waterways