The Cruise

Our boats will safely take you on your journey on comfortable chairs situated next to windows that provide you with shelter against rain and an amazing window view over the lake (It’s also possible to set foot on the outside part of the boat).

Safety measures

We take your safety, well-being and comfort very seriously and want you to reach your destination with a smile on your face. The boats are fitted with:

  • life vests available for each passenger regardless of your size or ability to swim
  • a 54-seater inflatable safety raft
  • radios, radar, sonar systems and GPS tracker. There’s no hiding even if we wanted to: the world will know where we are at all times!

Throughout the journey you will find yourself in the safe hands of our crew. They are certified, well-trained professionals that ensure you reach your destination safely.

Bear in mind that traveling over water along the coast is safer and less busy than moving over the roads on the mainland.